Teenagers bikes: a new comprehensive view on production

Teenagers bikes: a new comprehensive view on production

Teenagers bikes: a new comprehensive view on production

Active lifestyle is the key point of healthy and excellent well-being. And cyclists know it perfectly well because each bike ride gives pep, energy and positive. To start a professional acquaintance with a bike is worth as early as possible. The faster a child masters a bike the more confident the child will feel confident in cycling.

Previously manufacturers mainly offered models with 24-inch wheels to the rising generation. Our company RENOMECYCLING decided to take a fresh look at the teenagers bikes and retrofit it with maneuverable 26-inch wheels.

What has become of it?

Firstly, teenagers bikes JR26” with 26-inch wheels have become more functional. Young cyclists will feel comfortable way longer in cycling compared with 24-inch bikes. You won’t soon have the necessity of buying a new bike to your child because the models with 26-inch wheels suit a young cyclist with growth up to 160 cm compared with 24-inch wheels limited by growth in 145 cm.

Secondly, the coasting of teenagers bikes JR26” turned out better to have enabled young cyclists to put on bigger speed at the minimum expenditure of strengths and energy. A child can keep up and feel comfortable in biking with a family or friends on rough country.

Thirdly, the location of wheel center in our bikes turned out to be higher due to this a cyclist overcomes border stones and other obstructions on a road easier.

Our bikes have a number of other advantages. They optimally suit guys willing to enhance cycling skills as both in a city and on steep countryside tracks. Our bikes are equipped with front shock absorbers with 80 mm suspension forks. Transmission with 21 modes is responsible for speed change which guarantees smooth acceleration and comfortable pedaling even on sustained climbs. The availability of sensitive V-brakes allows to stop a bike easily in all weather conditions.

The lightweight aluminum frame of teenagers bikes is made by using of effective hydroforming and butting technologies and has ultra protective Diamond Shield coating that effectively protects a bike from scratches and corrosion.

Decided to buy your child teenager bike RENOME JR26” you won’t make a mistake and will never regret the made choice.


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