About us

About us

RENOMECYCLING group it’s a team of true professionals focused on the latest generation RENOME bicycles production (Italy). From the very beginning we have been striving to offer the best bike products to our customers. Our goal is the production of high-quality and reliable bikes and accessories at an affordable price.

What allows us to produce quality products at an affordable price?

  • Advertising (marketing) cost saving;
  • Smart infrastructure. RENOMECYCLING group’s production facility is located in close proximity to the plants of such well-known manufacturers specialized in bicycle components production like Shimano, Tektro, Prowheel, Joytech, Wanda and Jagwire.
  • Well-thought-out logistics that allows to reduce transport costs significantly;
  • The use of well-developed and proven technologies for aluminum processing and frame production.

Model range

Our company has created the range of stylish and functional bike models for women, men and teenagers.

Teenagers bicycles (JR 26"). A completely new look at the teens bikes is embodies in it. Our models are characterized by ergonomics and improved dynamics. They allow young cyclists to build up speed at minimal effort and energy. Due to the fact that the bikes are equipped with 26-inch wheels and are designed for guys with 130-160 cm height, the necessity of buying a new bike will not arise soon. 

Men’s bicycles (ADVENT 27,5"/29", HONOR 27,5"/29", OVERLAND 29"). It’s the best value for money. They are made from high quality materials with the use of the most modern concept assuming wheel size selection according to frame size. Our engineers and designers construct original models combining foremost bike trends and consumers’ needs. Due to this RENOME bikes surpass other brands in quality and reliability. There are no analogues of our bikes.

Women’s bicycles (FALCON 27,5", TOTAL 27,5"). The stylish, reliable and functional bicycles designed with regard to women’s anatomical structure. They are lighter than men's bikes and have a smaller length between the wheel and the seat, thereby providing convenience and comfort of cycling on any part of a track, regardless of a terrain.

Accessories and outfit. In addition to a bike we offer stylish and original accessories that will add uniqueness and aesthetics, as well as outfit due to which cycling will become even more comfortable and long lasting.

High quality at an affordable price

We constantly strive for development and perfection. RENOMECYCLING group keeps the best traditions of the past and uses the advanced technologies and concepts of the present. Our task is to make bicycles more accessible to grass roots. 

Each element of our bike is a part of a unique integrated project. It is designed and implemented to interact with all other components at the same time, improving bike functionality and productiveness.

Safety and environmental friendliness are the fundamental principles of our company. We strive to meet cyclists’ needs without detriment to the environment. In production we use resources partially obtained from recycled materials, we try to refuse non-recyclable plastic. We constantly work on improving the production processes, we strive to optimize delivery schemes and compensate all CO2 emissions connected with transportation.

Our advantages

  • The wide range of quality bikes and accessories that meet the most stringent quality standards.
  • International warranty for all types of the products.
  • Affordable price.

All RENOME products are tested and verified at the output. The reliability of the products is guaranteed by strict compliance with the necessary standards and requirements at all stages of production (from the manufacturing and coloring of a frame to the final product assembly).

Trusting us, you choose reliability, quality and durability.


The company’s operating principle

RENOMECYCLING group is a team of professionals whose main motto is a customer-oriented approach. We apply the exemplary standards of professional behavior with consumers at all work stages and guarantee the first-rate job of the support service. The inalienable rules of our work in domestic and global market are compliance with strict confidentiality, acceptance of the company control (both inner and external), providing of quality services and an individual approach to each customer.


100% quality guarantee

RENOME trademark products are the latest generation of bicycles made from high quality materials by applying of an innovative technology. The each piece of bike is the part of a unique integrated project. It was created and implemented so as to interact with all other elements. This has made it possible to provide the maximum quality of execution, unprecedented reliability and convenience of RENOME bicycles for men, women and teenagers.


We are an environmentally friendly company

RENOMECYLING group strives to be useful not only for society but for nature too. We put best efforts to meet people’s needs without damage to the planet and the life of future generations. Adhering to the cyclic business model we are keen on creating the highest quality bike products with a long useful life. We use derived from recycled materials resources for manufactured products. The delivery of components is carried out on the shortest routes thereby the amount of noxious emissions of exhaust gas to the atmosphere is decreased.