RENOME bicycles: specific production aspects

RENOME bicycles: specific production aspects

RENOME bicycles: specific production aspects

Any production process implies modernization, the implementation of new technologies. And bicycle production isn’t an exception. RENOME CYCLING group constantly keeps its eye on the ball. We keep track of all innovations in the bicycle industry and strive to create the most reliable, stylish and functional bikes for cyclists of different ages.

The use of high–quality components, the implementation of innovative technologies, taking into consideration the main global trends - all this has allowed us to create reliable and functional bikes that can conquer any terrain.

What production technologies do we use?

The production of high-quality, safe and durable bicycles is one of the main tasks of our company. At all production stages the careful quality control is carried out. Each component is taken into account in the development of models.

In the process of RENOME bicycles production the variety of technologies are used to achieve maximal results.

  1. Butting. It allows to reduce frame weight to 10% without losing its strength and stiffness. This is achieved by tapered thickness of tube walls. Thickness of tubes is much bigger in the areas of high loads and at junction points than in the middle of a tube.

  2. Hydroforming. Due to hydraulic forming of tubes under high pressure, a frame is given lightness and strength. Optimization of a tube profile is carried out by means of computer technologies.

  3. Ultra protective coating Diamond Shield. It provides bicycles with reliable protection against scratches and corrosion and makes it look unsurpassed. Despite the fineness, this coating is considered as the most resistant and durable in the bicycle industry.

  4. Frame weight reduction. All models of RENOME bikes are equipped with comfortable lightweight frames made from high quality aluminum alloy in recognition of riders’ anatomical features. But this does not affect the strength and stiffness of the products.

  5. An innovative approach to the production of teenagers models. RENOME bicycles for teens are equipped with maneuverable 26-inch wheels and are designed for up to 160 cm guys. The wheel center at such models is higher and coasting is better. Due to this it’s possible to steam greater speed putting minimal efforts and energy.

  6. Wheel size selection is carried out in keeping with frame size. According to this concept models with 17" frame size are equipped with 27.5-inch wheels, because they are considered as suitable for the cyclists who choose this standover height. And 19" and 21" bikes are equipped with 29" wheels because they are eminently suitable for tall cyclists. This solution allows to significantly improve ergonomics and increase the level of comfort and efficiency of riding for cyclists of different growth.

  7. Environmental friendliness. We use obtained from recycled raw materials resources for bicycle production. We prefer durable materials that enable us to significantly extend reparability and service life of the sold products. We optimize the delivery schemes of components and constantly work on improving the production processes in order to reduce the amount of waste and pollutants.


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