Environmental friendliness of the production

Environmental friendliness of the production

Environmental friendliness of the production

Any production process has a negative impact on the ecology of the planet to some extent. And RENOMECYCLING group knows it therefore the company is in the constant search of new solutions that are safe for the nature and society. At all stages of the product development special attention is paid to environmental aspects, all pros and cons are weighed. This is necessary to meet people’s needs without detriment to the atmosphere.

Environmental friendliness is one of the basic principles of our company. We adhere to it in all directions of our work: choosing materials, creating of bicycles design, organizing transportation, working with suppliers, etc.

Fundamental principles of our company

Firstly, RENOMECYCLING group strives to create the highest quality bike products with a long service life. Bicycles are equipped with reliable and durable equipment from famous brands Shimano, Tektro, Prowheel, Joytech, Wanda and Jagwire.

Secondly, our goal is the minimal use of non–recyclable plastic. We prefer durable materials that enable us to significantly extend reparability and service life of the sold products.

Thirdly, we constantly work on enhancing the production processes in order to reduce the amount of waste and pollutants. We use derived from recycled materials resources for manufactured products.

Fourthly, choosing suppliers we take into consideration not only trustworthiness but remoteness from RENOMECYCLING group. Our company is keen on optimizing of the delivery schemes and compensate all connected with transportation carbon dioxide emissions.

Fifthly, we use a verified certificated system of work with the environment. One of our main goals is to help to preserve the planet for future generations.

Sixthly, we take care of far-sight consumption of natural resources. The use of RENOME bicycles as a means of transport helps people to take care of their health and the future of younger generations.

RENOMECYCLING group strives not only to motivate, but also to provide millions of people with the opportunity to take a more responsible attitude to the environment in order to improve the living conditions of society. And we believe that together we can protect the planet!


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